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Innovative Technologies System One with Freezer

LC Technologies LC-180 with freezer, solvent trap, cold port and freezer

Several Schlenk lines in fumehoods

UV Photoreactor with replaceable lamps

Single crystal X-ray diffractometer

Glassware Ovens (ambient pressure and vacuum)

We also have a combination fridge-freezer (-25 oC) for flammables, several precision and analytical balances, equipment for air-sensitive electrochemistry, a low-temperature circulating cooling bath, and a large assortment of synthetic glassware (custom-built by our skilled glassblower).  In addition, the group has shared access to solution (300 MHz, 500 MHz) and solid-state (400 MHz,  700 MHz) NMR spectrometers, variable temperature Raman spectrometer, UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer with diffuse reflectance capacity, DSC, TGA, and a full suite of materials and surface characterization tools through the Clean Technologies Research Institute.